Ps. Choong Tsih Ming - First Fruit

Sunday, 26 January 2020, 1.30 PM | Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore

Summary of the Sermon by Pastor Choong  Tsih Ming, Sunday, 26 January 2020


First Fruit


As we start 2020 we are not starting a new year but rather we are starting a brand new decade. With every decade there is something new is being released into our world. 

In the 1970s Apple Computer Company was founded, Sony gave birth to Walkman and Star Wars gave us a New Hope on the big screen.

In the 1980s we moved from cassette tapes to CD players, Mario came onto scene with the Nintendo, Pac Man and Donkey Kong and one of the greatest invention from the technology world that birthed in 1980s was none other than the www what we call world wide web or known as internet.

In the 1990s were defined by the evolution from  the 1980s- The www continued to grow bigger and better Yahoo and Ebay were born in 1995,  Hotmail  and ICQ in 1996, Google came in 1998 and CD players became portable, Nokia phones started to replace Motorola pagers.

The year 2000 internet connection became wireless. Apple gave us the first iPhone. The first Android phone was also born as did another fruit – the Blackberry.  The SLRs cameras were replaced by DSLRs that would forever change the camera industry.

Then came the 2010s the Internet exploded with more information and moved into IoT  (Internet of Things).  Phones became watches, iPods became iPads so now what can we expect from the 2020s?  How will this decade look like?

In Lk 12:56 Jesus was speaking to the Pharisees and said: What hypocrites! You are such experts at forecasting the weather, but you are totally unwilling to understand the spiritual significance of the time we are living in. 

More than just looking at what is happening in the world, there is a need for us as Christians to understand what God is doing spiritually.  The word “hypocrites” was actually an Aramaic word which describes men living superficially, not seeing what was happening spiritually around them. 

The original world for 20 in Hebrew is KAF the Hebrew letter kaf represents the number 20. “Kaf” is written as a palm, an open hand, it signifies giving freely with the palm up, or covering the sin with the palm down.  It also symbolizes redemption. 


In Strongs Concordance 2020 we have the Hebrew word Hatstsalah, which means Deliverance or Freedom, it also symbolizes the cycle of completeness, it is often connected to a perfect period of waiting, laboring or suffering that is often compared to a trial and after which God rewards His people. 

Putting all these Hebrew meaning together in the 2020 as we yield ourselves to the LORD we are stepping into a season of blessings and reward from God, a time of deliverance and freedom, redeeming back all that has been lost. Amen!


It all begins with honoring God’s principles of first fruits meaning putting JESUS first in everything.

How do we put God first in every area of our life?

1. By PRAYING: seek God first- give God our first thoughts in the morning

2. By PLANNING: Where do you want to be by 31 Dec 2020?

3. By GIVING: Paying your tithes and giving your first fruits offerings

Prov 3:9-10 Honor the LORD with your possessions and with the first fruits of all your increase; so your barns will be filled with plenty and your vats will overflow. There are many other bible references on this principle Leviticus 23:9-10, Romans 11:16

4. By READING: the word of God


The Old Testament illustration of first fruit of grain harvest “first fruits” in Hebrew is “bikkurim” and literally means promise to come. By giving our first fruits offering,  we are planting a seed for the remainder of 2020.

What are some prophetic words that have been spoken to us in that have yet come to pass?

In 1939 Smith Wigglesworth gave a prophetic word to Lester Sumrall and many of his prophecies have come to pass: healing movement of Kathryn Kuhlman Oral Roberts and charismatic renewal the infilling of the Holy Spirit Era, followed by a wave of teaching on faith and healing.  Then Smith Wigglesworth prophesied further into the future where we are now: The last day revival that is going to be the greatest revival this world has ever seen.


Bob Jones in 1975 prophesied that God is going to bring 1 billion youth to Himself and one of the greatest awakenings of all time. 


Through our first fruits offerings: by praying, by planning, by giving, by reading God’s words it is going to unlock the blessings of God into our life and our family.  As we give our very best daily, God will deliver us, redeem us and He will fulfill HIS promises in our life. Amen