Ps. Ong Gek Ju - God Our Enabler

Sunday, 17 November 2019, 1.30 PM | Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore

Summary of the Sermon by Pastor Niko Prajogo, Sunday, 17 November 2019

God Our Enabler: from Weakness to Strength


God is the one who enables us and brings about transformation in our life from weakness to strength.

Not only physical weakness, but also valley experience.

In 1 Timothy 1:12 : This is a great promise that God has enabled us and he counted me faithful and put me in this service, in the marketplace or wherever we serve. God is our enabler.


Romans 15:4 - We too will find encouragement and hope in scripture.


In Hebrews chapter 11, 18 times it was mentioned repeatedly “by faith..

And in that chapter (Hebrews 11) verse 32, Gideon was weak and God made him strong.

There’s strength in weaknesses. God can use each one of us, ordinary people, to do extraordinary things for Him. In Judges, God use ordinary people like Gideon.


In Judges 6:11-13:

Background: Israelites were oppressed by Amalekites and Midianites for a period of time and oppression is so severe that the enemy is like locust; The enemy is tormenting Israelites that they have to hide in mountains and do not see God. In their desperation, they cried out to the Lord and God sent His prophets.

When we desperate for God, God shows up. In our desperation, run to God. Only when we run to God, we find hope and strength!


Gideon is a good example of someone that is totally discouraged. He’s terrorized by Midianites.

In that culture, you do not threshed wheat in wine press. But Gideon did that because he’s terrorized / afraid.

God called Gideon: “The Lord is with you, mighty man of valour

·         We need to be people who speak life to others.

·         Not because Gideon is mighty or strong

·         God knows because Gideon will be victorious and God never make mistake -- God sees the potential on what is to come in us.

·         God is the one that enables Gideon to accomplish His purpose

In verse 13, Gideon said “if… “

“if” is a discouragement. Our belief will affect our behaviour.

Gideon discouragement is a despondency. This can derail us from fulfilling God’s purpose in us.

Illustration: story of 2 frogs went into the well. 2 frogs fell into a pit and the rest of the frogs discouraged them. One of the frog died due to discouragement while the other continue to jump and when he succeeded, they are asked him, why he failed to hear them. The successful frog replied that he was deaf.

Many times that we are in a pit, people often discourage us so that we give up. We have to be deaf to this. We need to be moving from discouragement to dependency

·         Surround us with men of faith

·         Stop your doubt and feed our faith

·         Change our word to speak life


How to move from despondency to dependency?

1.       The promise of God’s Presence

In Judges 6:14-16:

·         Gideon said “How can I… ?”, “I’m the lowest in my clan..”, etc

When we look in ourselves, all the potential of failures and impossibilities come out.

·         But God says: “Go in the strength you have!”

We have a God who enables us. The promise of God and God’s presence is in us. God will not ask us to do something that you and I don’t have.

2.       Proclamation of God’s peace

In Judges 6: 22-24:

·         Peace is not the absence of calamity but the presence of God

·         Philippians 4:7 – God of peace be with you

·         In the book Philippians, Paul taught us about:

·         Correct pray

·         Correct thinking

·         Correct living

3.       The provision of God’s power

·         In Judges 6:33-34, God’s spirit be upon us

·         We can find strength in our weaknesses when we recognize God’s power and anointing

·         Judges 7:1-8 – do more with less – so that we do not boast in our strength but we boast in God who enables us!