Ps. Hanny Yasaputra - Unlimited Kingdom

Sunday, 3 November 2019, 1.30 PM | Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore

Summary of the Sermon by Pastor Hanny Yasaputra, Sunday, 3 November 2019


Unlimited Kingdom



His Power will never end, peace will last forever. He will rule David’s kingdom and make it grow strong. He will always rule with honesty and justice. The Lord All-Powerful will make certain that all of this is done. (Isaiah 9:7)


The scripture says that Christ in us, the hope of glory. That is the source of every power that we can get in this world.

Pastor. Hanny accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Saviour when he was 19 years old. He was so in love with Lord Jesus that he read the four gospels over and over again. He was amazed with the Lord of Jesus, so wonderful, the Messiah, the perfect lamb of God. From the scriptures in Isaiah 9:7, he realized that he can depend on Christ to be successful. Before became a Christian, Pastor Hanny used to be naughty and was a school dropout. He was also into drugs and he felt so unworthy. But God’s grace lifted him up. One night he prayed and gave his life to Christ and dedicated his life to serve the Lord.

From then on, he started to serve the Lord through whatever means he had. When he was pursuing a girl, he was almost rejected as he had decided to pursue a career serving God as a pastor. Despite that, he pressed on to serve God. The girl’s father finally gave his blessings to Pastor Hanny to marry his daughter. In 1999, Pastor Hanny started to be a pastor in a church in Indonesia before moving to Brisbane to serve in the church which he is pastoring currently.


Questions to be answers

1.       When was the last time you looked at your church’s result?

2.       Are the Christians in your church growing in faith, godliness and character?

3.       Are the Christians in your church deepening in their love for, understanding of, and obedience to the Bible?

4.       Are the Christians in your church becoming better equipped and more dedicated to evangelism in their communities?

5.       Are you to be considered as God’s disciples?

When we feel we are so weak and unable that’s the time that God can use us, through His Power.


In 1992, there was basketball team called the DREAM TEAM U.S.A 1992 played in the Olympic. Their goal was to get the gold medal. The team was so good that when they played all other team from other countries, their opponents knew that they will lose, and therefore they will take picture first with the dream team. The coach, Chuck Daly knew how to pick to the best players to form the Dream Team.


When we are in the God’s kingdom, do we just want to enjoy ourselves, or do we want to be used by God, to give our best.


Jesus’ unique dream team

·         Jesus hand picked 12 people for Him to train and to disciple – so when it was time for Him to leave the earth, Jesus would entrust the church to these people

·         He did not pick the best

·         He did not pick them based on their achievements

·         He did not even call it a “super team”, He humbly addressed them as ‘Disciples’

·         Matthew: a tax collector – a traitor, a public enemy – A sinner

·         Peter: a fisherman – a failure but always talk big – A sinner

·         Simon (the Zealot) – a terrorist against the Romans – A sinner

·         Thomas: a doubtful follower – A sinner

·         Judas – a thief – finally a real traitor to Jesus – A sinner

The common traits of His disciples: they were all sinners.


There a few myth’s which many believers are having.  We need to kick out all these myth from our mind.

#1. The Talent Myth: talents beat everything else – What Can I Do

Luke 5:1-11

Peter was cynical about Jesus’ suggestion to launch the net out into the deep. He has done it so many times with the same net, same skill, and same experience. When he saw the result, he said “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord!”

Why the difference in the result?  The difference is JESUS. Jesus then said to him “Do not be afraid! From now on you will catch men.”


#2. The Character Myth: perfect character is the strong foundation   Who I Am

While talent myth measures our ‘IQ’, the character myth measures our ‘EQ’ (Emotional Quotient). How charismatic are you? It’s not about the ideas you have, but whether or not you can communicate those ideas. Does God choose us because we are faithful? What come first? God’s Calling or Our Character? The myth is be a good person first and then to follow Christ. Repentance only comes after the Call!


#3. The Achievement Myth: successful people will be heard – What I’ve Done

We are attracted to greatness. We despite the small beginnings, we want instant successes. We post our achievements and boast about it in the social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc). God chooses the ordinary people to become His disciples. Not successful, but those who are obedient and faithful till the end.


Discipleship Starts With Grace

Peter said that he is a sinful man.. but Jesus said, “Don’t be afraid! From now on you will catch men.” God gives his grace. Peter starts with the grace of God in his ministry

It is better for us to understand and live-in the grace of God. It is so dangerous if we are following Christ and drifting away from the grace of God.


Discipleship Must Ends With Grace

Matthew 19:27 “See, we have left all and followed you. Therefore, what shall we have?” (What will we get from you?)

Matthew 19:30 “But many who are first will be last, and the last first.”

Why many who are first will be the last? Because they are not enduring long enough to be called as the faithful ones or the obedient ones.



Do not try to build YOUR ministry or your church, because JESUS is the BUILDER of THE Church. Don’t expect what we can get from a ministry to God - except dedication and find a purpose with it. WE ARE SERVING GOD not to get what we wanted or desired to from the ministry, but to bring God’s glory into someone’s life – to change their life by the power and authority of the Holy Spirit. It’s just a serving table of the Lord, not ladder to climb nor stepping stones to leap. We must learn to depend on Jesus – The Grace of God.


Questions Answered

1)      Every testimony that I can listen to

2)      No more gossips but love one each other

3)      Love Increases

4)      Start to win souls and testify God’s goodness

5)      This one is your turn to answer and I pray for everyone to become God’s Disciples.


How about us towards our Father in Heaven. Do we want to do something for God?

If God can change Pastor. Hanny’s life and use him, God can use each one us as well. Answer His calling.