Ps. Aries Zulkarnain - Understanding The Kingdom of God Using The Parables of Jesus

Sunday, 8 September 2019, 1.30 PM | Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore

Summary of the Sermon by Pastor Aries Zulkarnain, Sunday, 8 September 2019


Understanding The Kingdom Of God Using The Parables Of Jesus



Mark 4:26-29 - The Parable of the Growing Seed


Why did Jesus use Parable to explain growth in the Kingdom of God?

Why did Jesus use Parable to explain life in the Kingdom of God?

The Kingdom of God is full of mysteries that sometimes cannot be explained.

There are many things that happen in our lives or around us that cannot be explained.

Many people become stuck because they cannot explain things that happen.

Life is full of mysteries. Sometimes problems and crisis happen to good people.

Parables are used to connect to our lives.

Principles produces instruction.

Parables produces revelations.

Our faith in God will produce growth in our Christian Lives

We live by faith and not by formula. Therefore what we need is to grow in our faith.


The Mystery of I Don’t Know

Mark 4:27

We learn, God cannot honor His promise if we don’t honor the process.


When man waits for his turn to be blessed, God is waiting for the right time to bless.

When God is waiting for the right time, we must keep on sowing, believing. Like Jesus says: There was a a young woman who keeps on praying , because of which the she finally got the justice.


“KEEP on SOWING” when the right time comes, the miracles will happen in your life.

You need no answer, you need PERSEVERANCE.


Growth is a mystery but SOWING is the act of putting together pieces that will reveal the mystery.

Sowing is to put together small pieces today, as you everyday pray, hoping in GOD, until the day of God comes, the Big picture will be revealed.


If you really want to grow in God, you cannot just focus on the big things, you must honor the small things.


If your faith is only dependent on big things, you will not grow in God. Only by doing small simple things then your maturity will grow. Do not fall for principles and methods.


If you honor His process, God will honor His promise. Like the parable of the prodigal son: the son has the faith to claim the inheritance but he has not a character to receive the inheritance. You need to build the maturity so you can make use of the inheritance, not just to get it. Go after the process, not the instant results.


Our world is so full of result and solution minded process. The thought of saying ‘God I don’t know what to do’ sounds like you are weak.




In the verse; when the farmer says ‘I DON’T know how the seed grows’ it does not mean he is a fool; instead he knows which area he should work hard and which area he should rely on God. He understands what it means to be godly and what it means to ‘play god’.


We cannot put God into a box, God is sovereign. God does not have to bless you in your way, He will bless you in his way.


1 Corinthians 3:6 -> I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase. From this verse, the principal is ‘God cannot honor his promise if you do not honor the process’. What we need to do, is to keep on planting and keep on watering. The ‘I DON’T KNOW’ state is a state of ‘TRUSTING THE LORD’.


Bill Johnson: The ability to embrace mystery is what attracts revelation. It does not say the ability to ‘accept’ mystery, rather ‘embrace’. It means it is a state of uncertainty, loosing control, not knowing what else to do. Embrace is different from accept.


Case: the Thai boys trapped in the cave, 3 km underground for 14 days. There was only one adult, the rest were all children. The boys might have kept on asking the couch ‘When can we get out of cave’,
‘What can we do?’, ‘When will rescue come?’. The coach may not be able to give any answer, inside the coach’s heart, the answer is ‘I don’t know’. What if you were the coach, what you would do? In such state, the coach decided to urge the children to stay positive and come and hopeful while waiting for rescue to come. What the coach was doing in the state of ‘I DON’T know’ was ‘he was sowing’. When thing we want are not happening, we keep on sowing, praying, hoping in God.


People often ask ‘What is the use of praying, or coming to church? I have not seen the results’ The purpose of your praying is to keep sowing.


The verse “He who is faithful will be save in the end”, not he who is ‘useful’.


We cannot take the Bible as a formula, for example you take the reference of Jonah is in the belly of the fish for three days, Jesus was in the cave for three days. If you applied this in the Thai boys situation, the help would not have come after three days and you would be disappointed. When things do not happen as you want, keep on sowing. Growth and miracle always come from the Lord.


If you stop sowing, it is guaranteed that you will not see results. But if you keep sowing, maybe today is the day of your victory.




The question “What’s the point of me praying and fasting when there is no result?”, as such all these things that I am doing have no significant. Sometimes we are so focused on the results we forget about the process.


If the devil cannot take things away from you, he will make you feel that what you have on hands is insignificant. Little that you know the little that is placed on your Master’s hands will be turned to big things.


The farmer does not feel that what he does is insignificant, he keeps sowing. Modern parable: going to gym for just one day does not bring change to your body; but if you to gym regularly you will see the change.


John Volanthen, one of the two divers who found the boys inside the cave. He stated “I dive for passion and always wondered if it would have purpose. Last two weeks, was what I prepared for my entire life”. He loved diving, but he did not know the purpose of his passion in diving. He kept on training and diving without knowing the purpose. One day the opportunity came, and when ‘Opportunity meets preparation’, the intersection will become the ‘purpose’.


Maybe right now you do not see your purpose, what you need is to do what you are doing faithfully. What you are doing is significant because is it adding up to the blessing God has for you.





Many people think that when they acknowledge ‘I don’t know’ it means they are weak. It is incorrect, because when Moses was tasked by God to deliver Israel in Exodus 3:10-14. Moses asked ‘How to bring Israel out of Egypt….”, God’s answer was ‘I AM who I AM’. Moses asked ‘how’ but God replied ‘who’.


The way to get out of your cave, is not ‘how’ but it is ‘who’ will get you out. It is ‘JESUS’ , who will get you out of Egypt.


The answer is always found in Jesus Christ.


Victory is still possible when you turn to God and acknowledge your dependency in humility.


Turn your inadequacy/incapability to dependency on God.


Don’t give up on yourself, family, children because God has not given up on you.