Ps. Jim Yost - Discipleship

Sunday, 1 October 2017, 1.30 PM | Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore

Summary of the Sermon by Pastor Jimmy Yost, at Bethany International Service, on Sunday, 1 October 2017.




Pastor Jimmy Yost has been ministering to the people of Indonesia in Irian Jaya, Papua, since 1977.  He has lived 40 years in Indonesia, 20 years in the jungles of Indonesia.


Papua has a high level of AIDS, prostitution, drugs and homicide, and a broken young generation.  Pastor Yost’s ministry focuses on restoring broken young people.  He started his ministry with a boy who had been tied to a tree, another boy locked in the wardrobe, and a traumatic young woman who saw her mother murdered by her father.


We are challenged to become the people that answer the problems of this broken world.  We should be Christians who make disciples out of unbelievers.  As believers, we should not be exclusive and mingle only with fellow believers. This world is getting more chaotic and we need to thrive in the midst of chaos.  Be up close and personal with unbelievers.


In Paul’s ministry, Paul faced a lot of opposition and he started to become fearful.  However, one night the Lord spoke to him in a vision to encourage him.  Acts 18:9 - “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent.”


This is the season for end-time harvest.  It has happening today.  In China, 30,000 factory workers were saved in nine months.  An African man was sent to Ukraine and the church grew to 18,000 members.


Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. (Matthew 9:38)

Who does Jesus send out?  Jesus was referring to the workers from the harvest field.  We are the workers in the harvest field.


We need to take the church to the world.  God wants us to reach out to the people.  Discipleship is a church without wall.  Don’t ask people to come to us but we ought to go to where they are (Luke 10:1-3).  This is Jesus’s style to disciple the nations. We ought to have a church in a prison, church on the street, church in nightclubs, church on the streets.  Pastor Jimmy started a ministry of Bible study cell-groups in the prison in Irian Jaya, and many prisoners were saved and transformed.  Miracles took place there.  Soon many of those who were sick from the villages and cities were brought to the prisons to be prayed for and many were healed!  Pastor Jimmy also got his worship team to sing in the pubs and as a result, the atmosphere of the pubs changed!  After several weeks, almost no one got drunk!  There is no place too dark where we cannot bring the church.


Qualifications for getting sent out:

1.       Do not look back (Luke 9:57).  The cost of following Jesus is no turning back.  Our past success and failures are all in the past.  We need to start fresh and let God guide us in serving His will.

2.       Move out with focus (Luke 10:4).  Ask God for a heart of evangelism.  All ministry begins with a heart.  Saving souls is an urgent ministry.  Jesus said greet no one to emphasize the urgency of evangelism.

3.       Go inside the house of the “person of peace” (Luke 10:5-6).  Spend time and lend our ears, speak blessings over them.

4.       “Eat” with them (Luke 10:7-8).  Feel their needs and pray for their need.

5.       Do not move around, stay committed (Luke 10:7).  Do not force unbelievers to receive Jesus, honor their decision.

6.       Be incarnational people - identify with them (Luke 10:8).  We should learn to eat what is offered to us.

7.       Heal the sick.  Let others experience the love of Jesus (Luke 10:9).  Pronounce that the Kingdom of the Lord is at hand. 


Do not be intimidated by the people and the situation around us, but we should keep our eyes on our Shepherd.  Rise up and get our vision lined up with God’s purposes.  We are in the best and exciting time to be alive on the face of this Earth.  Run with God and be on the frontline.  It is no longer about us, but all for God.