K. Steven - Evidence Can Be Misleading

Sunday, 5 February 2017, 1.30 PM | Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore

Summary of the Sermon by Pastor K Steven, at Bethany International Service, on Sunday, 5 February 2017.





What we see with our natural eyes can look real but it can also be misleading. Form what we see, we may conclude that there is no hope in our situation.  Our God is a God who can change our situation around – just a word from God can turn our life around 180 degrees.  When we pray by faith, God steps in, then nothing less than a miracle will take place.  A prayerful person is a strong person because the power of God is behind him.


Four incidences in[Gk1]  the Bible on how we can be misled by what we see, and how God can turn around the hopeless situations:


1.       David & the Lion (1 Samuel 17:34-37)

The lion here refers to the devil.  Sometimes, in our life, suddenly everything turns upside down.  Tension comes into our life, a retrenchment letter, a sickness invades – anything can happen.  When the devil steals our blessings, go after him, like how David ran after the lion while the lamb was still in its mouth.  Claim back the blessings of God, pray through it and God will give us a breakthrough.  The lion did not give up the lamb easily; likewise the devil is not going to let us claim back whatever has been stolen without a battle.   Fight the lion and resist the devil in order to claim God’s rightful blessings upon our life.


2.       Jacob & Joseph (Genesis 37:31-33)

Joseph’s brothers lied to Jacob that Joseph had died.  Evidence of our situation could be misleading.  Jacob recognised the tunic which belonged to Joseph.  The evidence before him misled him to believe that Joseph had been devoured by a wild animal.  The devil can use our situation to deceive us and we in turn think that we have lost in life.  We grieve and go through pain over our situation.  Jacob was inconsolable when he lost Joseph.  Do we still believe in God’s power and greatness that He can turn our situation around?  The Bible says, when we pray the peace of God will rest upon our hearts and minds even before God answers our prayer.  The peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guide us in facing our life challenges (Philippians 4:6-7).


3.       The Lame Beggar Healed (Acts 3:1-8)

We see here that the beggar seemed to be in a hopeless situation.  He could only beg as he was lame and unable to work.  However, when he encountered Peter and John one day, his life was changed forever.  God can turn around our hopeless situation when we look up to Him.  Only God could have healed this lame beggar and God gets the glory.  Don’t give up hope like this beggar; God is able to show that He is strong.


4.       David & the City of Ziklag (1 Samuel 30)

Saul was very jealous of David and vowed to kill him.  David went through a very painful period in his life when he had to run away from Saul.  Finally, when David and his men saw the city of Ziklag burnt, and their families and possessions missing, they was very discouraged and broken-hearted that they cried until they had no more tears.  Look at how God changed David’s situation around.  David did know who took his wives and children captive.  The moment he prayed, God suddenly opened the way for him to meet an Egyptian, who gave him crucial information.  But David strengthened himself in the Lord his God and in the end, He got back his family and more possessions than what he had lost – a double bonus from God! 


Look at how prayer can change a situation around.  Our God is in control and He still has the final say over our life.  We must always look to Him, for our help comes from the Lord, our source is our living God. 


Let us check our own life, give importance to prayer in our daily life.  When our ways are pleasing to the Lord, God is able to restore more than what is lost.  David recognised that his victory was purely because of God’s favour and He shared the blessings of his plunder with the needy. 

Let us be like David - don’t give up!  There is hope in God.  Look to God in prayer for miracles and for every promise in the Bible.  And our God will supply all our needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19).  Let us be known as a praying man of God and a praying woman of God.  Be committed to prayer, when God steps into any situation our needs will already be met.