Niko Prajogo - Great Calling Of God

Sunday, 29 January 2017, 1.30 PM | Grand Hyatt Hotel, Singapore

Summary of the Sermon by Ps Niko Prajogo, at Bethany International Service, on Sunday, 29 January 2017.



Great Calling of God


There are workers who never dream, there are dreamers who never work.


Workers who never dream always do the same things daily.  There are people who say, one day they will do this and that, but they do not put their hands on the plough and start to work.  That is why they do not see the fulfilment of their dreams.


People of God must be diligent.  God does not like lazy people who waste His potential and anointing.  The Apostle Paul, by the grace of God, worked harder than the rest of the apostles.  The grace of God enables us to work hard for the Lord and the Kingdom of God.  If only we understand the potential that God has for us, we will aim for the highest.


Today God is saying, you have a great calling.  Probably, not all of us have a spectacular dream, but if you have a small dream, God will expand your dream if you are faithful.


Let's have a dream for your life.  You may dream of losing weight, dream to have a blessed marriage or dream to be in a better financial position.  Read the Word of God, make an aim for your life and say that God will make this year different from the previous one.


Why some people dare not dream?


i.   They are too busy and do not have the time to dream.

ii.  They are afraid of failure.

iii. They are afraid of commitment.


Genesis 15:5-6 – When Abraham had an encounter with God, God told him that he would have a child, when it was impossible for them to have a child.  For us to receive a dream of God, we have to get out of our tent.  When we see the sky a thought might come into our mind, who created these things, why does everything work until today?


If God is for us then believe in Him!  When you believe what the Bible says, it is counted as righteousness.  If you have doubts, just come to God and ask Him to open your eyes to see that nothing is impossible for God.


There is a gap between where God wants us to be and where we are right now.


Gideon was hiding when God called him to save the Israelites.  God had to send His angel and encouraged Gideon and addressed him as a mighty warrior.  Sometimes you need someone to tell you that you are the mighty warrior of God.


Let's get out of our tents.


Gen 13:15–17, “Lift up your eyes and look around, look at the length and breadth of the land, see it walk it.  If you can see it, are you willing to walk around it?”  Are you willing to pay the price and put the effort for it?  Are you willing to get certification for you to get promoted?


The Story of Nehemiah


Nehemiah was moved to rebuild the fallen walls of Jerusalem.


Qualities of a builder:


1.  He is a man of compassion.  In Nehemiah 1: 4, when Nehemiah heard about the fallen walls of Jerusalem, he wept, mourned and fasted.


2. He is willing to leave his comfort zone.  Nehemiah was in the palace with the king in his comfort zone when he got the calling to build the wall.  If you want God to use you, you need to be willing to leave your comfort zone.


3. He is a man of prayer.  There is a great power in prayer but often we neglect prayer, maybe it is because we do not believe so much that prayer works.  When Nehemiah faced problems, he prayed.  In John 16:23–24, Jesus said, “ask and you will receive so that your joy will be complete.”


4. He is a man of action.  A lot of hard of work was required in order to rebuild the wall.  In Nehemiah 4:16-18, the enemies plotted against them.  The builders needed to build the wall with one hand, while holding their weapons with the other hand to protect themselves against the enemies.


5. He is a man of wisdom.  He knew how to face the enemies.  We need the wisdom of God to create the solution for the problem.  If anyone lack wisdom, ask the Lord, who will give generously to all.


6. He is a man of integrity.  In Nehemiah 5:15, he did not burden the people and make profit out of them because of the fear of God.