Home Mission

Spring board for Christ's Love


A new ministry was birthed in January called " Home Mission- The Springboard for Christ's Love". ("HM"). Building on the work of The Seekers since 2009, we hope, over the coming months, to show the congregation that everyone can reach out to the lost, hopeless and forgotten and let them feel the love of Jesus.

Within Singapore we are partnering organisations like New Hope Community Services (NHCS) that shelters the homeless, Singapore Anti-Narcotic Association and Christian Outreach to the Handicapped.

In February and March 2016 BCS raised $2850 for homeless families sheltered by NHCS. With the government matching $1.25 for every dollar raised, NHCS gained a total of $7,125 from the generosity of the BCS congregation. The Sunday School children and 180° Teens collected 5 cartons of canned food for these families. Some members also attended the Jump for Charity event organised by NHCS at the Nee Soon South Community Club on 19 March 2016.

HM shared the love of Christ at Easter by hosting a lunch for the children and staff of Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home on 26 March 2016. HM members chatted with the children during lunch.

The vision of Home Mission is that every member of Bethany Church Singapore takes the opportunity to share His love by participating in the events and visits organised. There are half-day or one-day events every month where all can help the needy. For example volunteers are needed to help in the flag day of the Christian Outreach to the Handicapped on 9 July 2016 or in the free medical checkup planned for the 3rd quarter of this year. Perhaps you and your family can bring a needy family out for a meal once or twice a year. Or you can teach a life skill to impact lives. Or join one of the events to bring needy children on an outing.

Outside of Singapore we have started the " Karimun Valley of Hope Movement" supporting the ministry of our branch church in Tg Balai Karimun and surrounding islands in the Indonesian Riau Islands. This ministry entails the setting up of " Rumah Singgah" ( House of Refuge ) in various village locations where people are prepared to open their homes at least once a week for neighbourhood children to learn life values based on biblical teachings. The children from all religious backgrounds are taught basic reading, writing and mathematics and personal hygiene as well as acceptable social behaviour. The vision is that His Word will not return in vain and the lives of the children will be transformed.

HM plans to have continual training to equip our people to also serve those in need, whether emotionally or spiritually. The first was the Certificate in Counselling conducted by Dr Fred Toke, Psy.D in April/May 2016. The next intake will be in September 2016.

There will a visit to a Home for the Aged Sick on 30 July and to the Salvation Army on 20 Aug 2016. All who are interested to join these activities please contact Ps Gerardine at 98254703.

We invite every one of all ages to join at least one half day event this year to give of your time and love in even the simplest way to those in need.

For more inquires please email gmpang@yahoo.com or home mission.bcs@yahoo.com


To be a Springboard for Christ's love. "I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me...And the King will answer and say to them,'Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My Brethren, you did it to Me.'
(Matt 25:36,40)


To facilitate ways in which the church as a unit, as well as individual members, can share the love of Jesus to the needy in Singapore and the neighbouring countries beginning with the Riau Islands.